Summary: Data Protection Act, 2019

Introduction Information Communication Technology is a result of continuous innovation that has resulted in a need to access immense data for purposes of companies or individuals conducting both legal and illegal activities. All over the world, there has been an intensive focus on how data is being harvested and used, which has resulted in various […]

Summary: Energy Act No. 01 of 2019

Introduction The Energy Act No. 01 of 2019 defines energy as any source of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, nuclear, or thermal power for any use; and includes electricity, petroleum, coal, geothermal, biomass and all its derivatives, municipal waste, solar, wind and tidal wave power. Energy, in the twenty-first century, attracts a number of topical […]

White Collar Crime Litigation

Our firm has expertise, which is invaluable in the defence of white-collar crimes such as tax evasion, insider trading, insurance fraud, bribery, embezzlement, and money laundering as provided for by the: Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act; Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act; Capital Markets Act and Kenyan Tax Laws. We also: Investigate the alleged […]

Merger & Acquisition

Our Merger and Acquisition department handles all forms of disputes that arise from the merger and acquisition of companies. Our specialty is in handling: Unjust and Illegal denial of clearance for merger and acquisition transaction from the Competition Authority of Kenya. Merger and Acquisition of contract disputes. Opposition of merger and acquisition bids at the […]

Government Contract Litigation

This branch of our specialty deals with the acquisition of any type of works, assets, services and goods by purchase, rental, lease, license, tenancy, franchise, or by any other contractual means by public institutions. Our role centres on providing litigation services against or for public institutions for compliance/non-compliance with the provisions of the Public Procurement […]

Electoral Law

Our firm has the expertise to handle all forms of elections disputes in the Kenyan jurisdiction ranging from the election of Members of County Assemblies to the President. Our services include: Providing representation in all forms election petitions Judicial Review of  or defence of decisions made by the Political Parties Registrar Litigation of Constitutional law […]

Cyberspace and Telecommunication Law

Our firm assists clients to navigate the complex intricacies inherent in cyberspace and telecommunication regulation. Our services in this area of law touch on aspects of: Broadcast regulation. Licensing of Telecommunication Companies. Social Media regulation Blockchain transactions including cryptocurrencies. Cyber crime litigation.

Fashion Law: (Useful) Article

Intellectual Property (IP) is a general term that refers to a collection of various rights that a person can have or own over various acceptable intellectual outputs. In the Republic of Kenya (Kenya), the most common types of IPs are Patent, Copyright and or Trademark, which most individuals assume only apply to software, hardware, or […]

Cross Listing

The growth and reputation earned by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) of Kenya led to the CMA working towards opening its bourse to other countries across the globe. Initially, prior to making this step, the Republic of Kenya had established a Memorandum of Understanding between itself and the Eastern African Countries as the East African […]