Election Laws (Party Primaries & Lists)

Party Primary refers to the process undertaken by a political party to elect or select its candidates for an election in line with the election laws. Essentially, a political party has the liberty to elect or select a candidate who will run for a particular public office. Also, during the party nomination of party lists, […]

Corporate Restructuring

A company is likely to engage in corporate restructuring processes during its existence. This includes the reorganisation of the company’s share capital through consolidation or division of shares. These terminologies are under the Companies Act, particularly under Part XXXIV. It refers to a compromise or arrangement between a company and its creditors, or any class […]

The reorganisation of Share Capital

Alteration and consolidation of share capital – Company A company will pass an ordinary resolution to realise its rights to alter the shares of the company – share capital. The ordinary resolution may focus on one or all rights provided – subdivision; or consolidation or division. Sub-division or consolidation of shares: A limited company may […]

The County Outdoor Advertising

The County Outdoor Advertising Control Act (Act) defines advertisements as any notice or representation employed wholly or partly to draw the public’s attention to or promote any product or service. The County Outdoor Advertising Control Act (Act) does not apply to a notice or display setting out (a) directions to a property for sale, lease […]

Policy Monitoring

An undertaking’s operations require constant monitoring of the legal framework in a given country, region, or internationally to enhance compliance. In third-world countries and least developed countries, the need to effect continuous policy monitoring is triggered by various business reasons and, significantly, the volatile nature of the political, social, and economic factors in a given […]

FinTech: National Payment Systems

FinTech based businesses or solutions are regulated by various laws, among them being the National Payment Systems Act (NPS). The payment system is a system or arrangement that enables the movement of money between a payer and a beneficiary. Thus, it facilitates the circulation of money and includes any instruments and procedures related to the […]

Handling Advisory on Data & Privacy Law – Ong’anya Ombo Advocates

Data Protection and Privacy Laws have a unique dimension than the mere assessment of what the laws provide and abiding by merely providing internal or external policies on matters data and privacy laws. For an organisation to understand the intricacies of internet law, which generally covers data and privacy law, it is essential to factor […]

Legal Audit & Compliance

An entity operates under various legislations or codes that have been passed internally or externally through different well-established bodies entrusted with such a mandate. These laws cut across various business operations that, in certain instances, are likely to be overlooked by the entity’s administration. The ignoring of the applicable laws results in multiple limitations in […]

Digital Service Tax on Digital Economy
DST, Digital Service Tax, KRA, Kenya Revenue Authority

The DST will be applied towards downloadable digital content; subscription-based media or journal; over the top services; software, drivers, website filters or firewalls; electronic data management; music, and games; search engine and automated helpdesk services; tickets for live events, theatres, or restaurants; distance or online learning; digital content; on-demand services; electronic services as per s 8 (3); and any other digital marketplace service not exempted under the Act.