Death Sentence Representation

On a pro-bono basis, we represented a client who had been convicted and handed a death sentence by the High Court of Kenya at Nairobi.

The appeal at the Court of Appeal resulted in revising the death sentence to a 25-year sentence. The 25 years include the years he was in remand since 2008 and years already served under the death sentence.


Audi Fun Club Kenya

We had the privilege of working with Audi Fun Club Kenya on its Social events and helping in securing equipment that may ease coordination during its social and charity events across the country.

Alethéia Foundation

Alethéia Foundation’s main purpose is to assist teenagers, who are pregnant or have children, to attain their basic needs and proceed with their education. Therefore, their motto is that the journey does not end upon getting pregnant.

We, the Firm, assist in sponsoring some of the Foundation’s projects. We recently funded its registration, buying T-Shirts, and customisation of the T-Shirts by having its logo printed on the T-Shirts.