Immigration Investment Workshop

Immigration Investment

It is a model of investment that cuts across several fields of law, such as Trust Law, Company Law, Intellectual Property Law, Tax Law, Insurance Law, to mention a few. Investment Models influence applicable laws. However, specific laws keep on recurring, or a person would consider those laws to ease business operations and reduce tax obligations.

Immigration Investment, in certain countries, will provide individuals with Citizenship as the pleasantries to enhance the injection of money to the target country’s economy. Access to these countries allows persons (both natural and juridical) have the opportunity to access other countries based on the available regulatory framework. Therefore, during the Workshop, we intend to address not only how to access various countries but the impressive regulatory framework.

Topics of Discussion

  1. Investing in Foreign Countries.
  2. International Trust/ Asset Protection.
  3. Tax Structuring.
  4. Corporate Restructuring.
  5. Dual Citizenship/ Residence.
  6. Intellectual Property / Technology Protection.

Investing in Foreign Countries: There are ample opportunities across the world based on various markets. These opportunities are open to both local and foreign investors based on the set criteria, which might include intensive/light background search or assessment for any applicant. Besides, the aspect of purchase power influence various models of products or services across the globe – some products or services work better in one region than another one. As a result, an Immigrant Investor needs to understand what niche to target.

During the Workshop, there will be an in-depth analysis of opportunities available that one can exploit.

International Trust / Asset Protection: in most instances, the most intriguing topics touch on tax obligation and or protection of assets. Asset Protection under Trust varies from one country to the other. For instance, certain trusts are insulated to the point that a Court cannot issue orders against the Trust – unless there are specific limitations. Some limitations are likely to touch on time before full protection, questions on fraud, the Settlor/ Trustor and Trustee (independence), among others.

Any Trust initiated and conducted within the realm of the law provides will always enjoy the benefit of the law.

Tax (Re)structuring: there are two primary models of tax structuring, which can be considered as Tax Avoidance (Legal) and Tax Evasion (Illegal). For purposes of the Workshop, the focus will be with regards to Tax Structuring within the realm of the National, Regional and International Laws, Policies, Regulations, or Guidelines such as those developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Basic Tax Structuring might include picking a Limited Liability Partnership over Limited Liability Company based on the applicable Tax Laws, preferring a Branch/ Representative Office over Subsidiary in a Foreign Country, taking advantage of all Tax Haven Policies when investing in specific industries, to mention a few.

Corporate Structuring: it entails several activities that influence tax, anti-trust/ competition laws, corporate governance, intellectual property, and sector-specific regulations. Further, it develops the social, cultural, religious, and political factors of a given country. For instance, it might prove hard to invest in a country that has continuous political instability when nearing and during the electioneering year – other than these challenges, the change of political regime in certain areas prove hard for some businesses to keep on operating.

Some individuals prefer appointing trusted nominees to operate their entities as a shareholder and or director. Therefore, the critical question is what countries across the globe provide the best Nominee-Beneficiary relationship, and protection can be a question of importance when thinking about corporate Structuring.

Dual Citizenship/ Residence: Immigration Investment may provide various pleasantries such as Citizenship or Residence. Access to such models provides a person with access to other benefits that might include access to certain countries based on a suitable working relationship between the country granting a person Citizenship or Residence.

For instance, if you are a citizen of Country A that does not have certain bilateral agreements with Country B that you are interested in investing or launching a particular product, not to mention the market power, but if you access Country C – attain citizenship or residence/ setup an entity – you will be able to do business with Country B. It is prudent to take advantage of the available options.

Intellectual Property/ Technology Protection: countries across the globe provide various models of IP protection, which, as always, are jurisdictional based legislation or protection. However, countries are taking advantage of various regional laws and organizations like World Intellectual Property Obligation, European Patent Office, the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization, Organisation Africaine de la Propriété Intellectuelle, among others.

However, while protection is necessary, some countries offer better plans on matters royalties and licensing of IP. Therefore, all these will be addressed, as well.