Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP Collaborates with Kenya Go Visas

Feb 9, 2024 | Our Highlights

Kenya Go Visas has selected Ong’anya Ombo Advocates as their expert reviewers

Committed to providing their clients with reliable information, the online agency Kenya Go Visas has sought the expertise of Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP. With experience in immigration law and strategic legal consultancy, our partner Ombo Malumbe now independently reviews content published on the Kenya Go Visas website.

Mr. Malumbe has also provided publicly available information on the social, political, and economic factors essential for processing Kenyan tourist visas. This partnership ensures that information provided through Kenya Go Visas is accurate and reflective of the latest developments in Kenyan immigration policy.

The Kenyan visa system is changing with the recent launch of the Electronic Travel Authorization in 2024. This makes continued collaboration between Kenya Go Visas and  Ombo Advocates LLP more important than ever.

About Kenya Go Visas: Specialist eTA Services

Kenya Go Visas, established in 2014, is a specialized agency offering eTA services. The agency addresses the needs of international travelers to Kenya, providing: 

  • Assistance with the Kenya eTA application
  • Essential information on entry requirements
  • Travel registration for citizens of certain nationalities

As a global company, Kenya Go Visas serves travelers worldwide. The platform prioritizes quality customer service, offering support in more than 10 languages. They also guarantee fast processing times and high approval rates.

Applications submitted through Kenya Go Visas are carefully reviewed for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with Kenyan government requirements. With Kenya Go Visas, travelers can apply for their eTA with confidence and peace of mind. 

This partnership between Kenya Go Visas and Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP ensures travelers have access to reliable, verified information. It underscores a shared goal: facilitating a smooth, stress-free travel experience to Kenya, backed by expert knowledge and legal precision.