Search Funds have been quite common in recent past years as it helps reduce the direct involvement of financiers from taking an active role in a particular market. There are two types of Searchers engaging in market analysis to get a suitable target that such a Searcher can use to pitch to the funders to get the funds to acquire or fund a company.

The Searchers fall under self-financed and financed Searcher. A self-financed searcher uses such measures to enhance share ownership or lack of debt financing upon securing a company with a good portfolio – on the one hand, the same can be costly if one is required to visit various countries for better knowledge and assessment. A financed Searcher will likely secure a low share or control of the targeted company. It may have some high-level KPI, which may mean that the financed Searcher might try to get whatever company if there are no restrictions by the funders.

Our office has in-depth knowledge and experience in various market activities and can advise on multiple aspects such as due diligence (both external and internal) and deal structuring (corporate, tax, operations, exit plans, among others). We have advised on similar deals ranging between USD 20 million and USD 30 million.


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