Aviation Law

Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP provides dispute resolution and contracts legal services to aviation industry players. We have advised and developed agreements for airplane leasing services to enable our client to secure a business to carry passengers within the Republic of Kenya and cross-border. The aircraft leasing processes enable most players in the market to take advantage of possible loopholes that players in the market are not keen on or shy away from due to budget constraints.

Our goal is to understand the client's needs and plans, which we translate and blend with the relevant laws that impact the intended operation. Thereafter, provide the needed contracts that may help guide the intended practice under aviation law.

Aviation law legal service is developing tremendously fast, considering unmanned aircraft and drones that are essential for security purposes and videography. These activities result in actions that interact with the various rights of various people. Our services extend to providing the needed legal services to all these groups of persons.

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