Constitutional Law

Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP, our constitutional lawyers provide representation on matters falling under constitutional law. The Constitution is the building block of other legislations. It is a requirement that any other legislation, policy, code, or regulation must comply with the Constitution and the progressive requirements. Our practice entails a keen analytical approach to constitutional disputes or possible infringements and approaching the relevant judicial or quasi-judicial organs. The relevant Courts of the first instance include the employment and labour relations, land and environmental court, high court (and its relevant divisions), and magistrate’s court.

The progressive development of policies results in delegating duties to other entities to handle disputes through tribunals while the high court handles the matters as an appellate court. Our constitutional lawyers are ready to offer representation in any of these forums upon defining the dispute and the remedies to be sort considering other legislation provide discretion to access the relevant superior court without necessarily exhausting all the subordinate court or tribunals.

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