Corporate Governance

Ong'anya Ombo Advocates LLP provides dedicated corporate governance services to undertakings that are serious about their operations and require extensive preventive legal services. The service covers all laws that affect or effect the operations of an undertaking. Further, the service is also suitable for companies that require to access new markets in foreign jurisdictions.

Corporate governance covers various categorized areas of law such as company law, taxation laws, employment laws, environment, and land laws, capital markets/ securities laws, intellectual property laws, sector-specific laws, and other laws. It enables an undertaking to have an inception and matrix report that will help enhance compliance measures within the undertaking.

We have provided these services to various entities that have an interest in entering the Kenyan market. Also, one of our partners was closely involved in a task requiring conducting Corporate Compliance towards Centum Investment Plc (inclusive of about 13 subsidiaries).

Our service is refined from complex transactions and experiences, which we keep developing every day to ensure that all that is provided to a client is up to date and worth relying on.

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