Cyber, Space & Telecommunication Law

Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP provides extensive advisory, regulatory monitoring, dispute resolution, and compliance measures for business entities falling under the cyberspace and telecommunication law. In Kenya, the primary regulators are the Communication Authority and Kenya Space Agency. Our services extend to advising cross-border entities such as a South African Layer 3 Internet Service Provider (ISP) had a contractual dispute with Layer 1 ISP that had failed to onboard new prospects resulting in tremendous losses.

We have guided a Belgian company on understanding how some of its services fall under the service products regulated by the Communication Authority and how it is best to comply with the law and its implication on the telecommunication licensing.

Our services are meant to ease the operations of any telecommunication undertaking; hence, we ensure that we understand what affects a client’s business and ensure the client equally understands how and why the law affects the undertaking.

This category also covers privacy law and data protection regulations or laws. It is evident that the market is flooded by everyone who may merely have read a few notes or clauses on data laws and now claiming to be knowledgeable of data protection laws, our team has heavily interacted with the practical side of the development of software, applications, and business to enable our team to be in a good position to advise a Client and effective hold a discussion with the client's developers to enhance compliance measures.

Our service is extending to the now commercialization of space under what is known as Space Tourism whereby the likes of Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson and Mr. Jeff Bezos have successfully shown their capabilities to engage in Space Tourism. These activities boost the need to develop laws that will guide such activities considering the existing loopholes under Cruise Ship Tourism as under International Waters.

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