Employment Law

Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP provides advisory, regulatory and litigation-based services on matters touching on employment law. Our services are either preventive, whereby we assist corporates in avoiding litigation and, if it occurs, the corporate entity has a higher chance of securing a win out of that dispute, and a developing a strategy to enhance an employee or former employee win a case based on well-structured action that is within the law.

Our strategies have resulted in having quick settlements where an ex-employee we are representing was affected by the termination model, and where a corporate is a client, the advisors of the complainant have always considered advising the complainant there is no case. It is essential to understand the dynamics of employment law to provide effective services.

We are conversant with the ever-developing employment law in the Republic of Kenya and always ready to defend any claims arising within those new areas of law. It is essential to understand that employment law now interacts with other scopes such as data laws, computer crimes laws, administrative laws, constitutional and tortious claims (like defamation). Our service is to collect facts and interlink with the relevant laws or regulations for better representation.

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