Gambling Law

Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP provides extensive services on matters touching on gambling law in the Republic of Kenya, such as advisory, dispute resolution, licensing, and corporate structures. Our previous engagement was with entities like Millionaires Casino, the biggest casino in East & Central Africa. Our relationship was providing representation and advisory services that touch on their operations.

We have advised Germany-based entrepreneurs interested in initiating gambling-related business ventures in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Our advice was to define their product as per the law and provide the needed regulatory requirements.

We have provided advisory and representation on gambling laws to a Client who was contesting how one of the betting companies in Kenya had unlawfully withheld her funds contrary to the provisions of the law and the policies. The dispute arose due to a glitch unknown to our client that had occurred to the betting company's PaaS/SaaS that hosted several virtual games that our client had actively engaged in when she won the prize.

We understand the Gambling landscape and have established relationships with PaaS/SaaS game providers who can assist in managing various portfolios for a person venturing into the gambling business. Our goal is to ensure that a Client has a chance to go for what fits their interest.

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