Immigration Law

Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP: our immigration lawyers provide immigration services in four models: corporate immigration, immigration services pertaining to the services offered by the Government of Kenya, documentation and appeals on applications for visas through embassies/consulates, and residence/citizenship by investment.

Corporate Immigration: these services relate to entities that intend to set up a presence in Kenya or interact with the Kenyan market through an establishment or online. Our services are comprehensive as we provide A-Z advisory, representation, service provision, and liaising with government agencies to ensure that all goes as planned. The service includes the applications pertaining to various permits that the government of Kenya offers.

Further, our immigration lawyers have a network of lawyers in place who can assist Kenyan businesses or investors in establishing a presence in other foreign countries through residence/ citizenship investment programs.

Immigration Offices Kenya: we assist in making applications and liaising with the relevant government offices/ departments to ensure that the immigration process is successfully conducted and secure the requisite documents. Also, we advise and provide appellate services if the Immigration Office has declined an application or renewal for a permit.

Immigration through Embassies/Consulates: Most individuals are interested in securing various types of visas from various governments for their own personal interests; however, there are always grey areas on how to document applications and enhance the element of consistency throughout the application process. As a result, our immigration lawyers provide advisory and documentation analysis services to individuals interested in accessing visas.

Our services extend to providing appellate advisory and documentation services when a person’s application has been declined, and there is room to appeal. Our office will consider the critical issues and interview the Client to consider whether to consider the appeal or drop the whole process entirely - immigration lawyers.

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