Oil & Gas Law

Ong'anya Ombo Advocates LLP has had the benefit of advising on various government-based contracts and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). Our recent consultation was with the Procurement Team representing the Republic of Uganda on its intended exploration of oil discovered in the Republic of Uganda. Our oil & gas team guided on matters touching on procurement models, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, particularly where a government is interacting with a multinational company, multitiered dispute resolution mechanism based on value and parties involved, issuing on stabilization clauses as always asked by foreign entities, among others. The Republic of Uganda has now signed an agreement with Total Energies for purposes of the oil pipeline.

Our objective is to provide business-oriented solutions that are sustainable to the needs of a client. We have a deep understanding of the political, social, economic, or religious factors that may affect various PPPs or government to private person contracts. As a result, our advisory majors on providing preventive legal services and cushions that a client may fall on should the relationship fail to work out.

Our oil & gas legal services to either a person or government (including its respective agencies) are on how to interact with one another, what to factor in, and the best terms of working together. Further, our solutions are localized to enable the malleability of a new entrant's operations.

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