Product Liability Law

Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP represents clients on matters touching on product liability. We provide the needed guidance to enhance enough and reasonable scientific data to enable the courts to have an approach from experts and avoid providing unreliable data to the court. Scientific data establish contamination or the ailment resulting from a certain product that is directly resulting from a specific product.

The scientific data also helps in interlinking possible future medical challenges that one may experience due to utilizing that product or being offered a service. It is essential to note that while the courts appreciate these expert materials, it is not always the final mark as the courts take such information to guide in it but not bind it.

Product liability claims are somewhat not that taken seriously in the Republic of Kenya regardless of the numerous cases of various undertakings providing individuals with products or services that are below the required standards or hazardous to the end-user of the product or the service. We break these barriers by providing the needed and dedicated legal services to individuals affected by these products.

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