Real Estate & Environment Law

Ong'anya Ombo Advocates LLP has engaged in construction financing-based projects. Our biggest landowner and financier transaction was for a real estate project worth US$200M. Our team was hired for purposes of advising the landowner, developing the head of terms, and developing the joint venture agreement, which would later result in property transfers to a new entity, opening of bank accounts, and transfer of commitment fees on escrow before providing shares to the financier's preferred special vehicle holding company.

We understand the local factors that affect most prime lands within the Republic of Kenya. To deal in such projects, we provide comprehensive due diligence services that enhance a person’s ability to make informed decisions. One of our partners was involved in an assignment that required to conduct due diligence against a property before an investor would purchase it for US$10M; however, when conducting due diligence, it was noted that the property had been subject to two disputes with the government, which had never been settled to that very date.

Our service delivery is to provide the actual and availably accurate data on the real estate-oriented services we are rendering at that material time to inform the client.

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