White Collar Crime

Ong'anya Ombo Advocates LLP provides comprehensive legal service on white-collar crimes, whether it's the government against and private person or private person against a private person. Our current matters include representing persons falsely accused of white-collar or economic crimes against Kenya Power and Lighting Company PLC.

We previously represented an individual accused of hacking a bank account at Stanbic (KE) to steal funds, which was later transferred to Equity Bank (KE) and finally to KCB (KE). On the contrary, our client's account had been hacked by unknown third parties resulting in his account being used as a middleman account for the criminal act before transferring to the drop account. The Court determined that our client was/is not criminally liable and was set free.

Our team is well versed with transactions and forensics falling within the realm of white collar crime. Hence, our service model is detailed enough to ensure that the intended interests of a person are well-considered and defended within the law while considering the technological advancement that may confuse those who have no grasp of the elements under white collar crimes. Further, other than being knowledgeable in this field, we also adopt expert witnesses to provide a detailed pictorial view of the issue at hand when necessary.

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