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Intellectual Property (IP) is a general term that refers to a collection of various rights that a person can have or own over various acceptable intellectual outputs. In the Republic of Kenya (Kenya), the most common types of IPs are Patent, Copyright and or Trademark, which most individuals assume only apply to software, hardware, or […]

Domain Disputes & Trademark

We, in 2018, advised and prepared documents in favour of Hydromax Products Limited (the Respondent), registered in Nevada, USA, concerning a Domain Disputes and Trademark claim as per the International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that was filed at ADR Forum P.O. Box 50191 Minneapolis, MN 55426.¬†Intellectual Property. Ultramax Products Limited (the Complainant), […]

Software: Copyright & Patent Practices – Ong’anya Ombo Advocates

Introduction Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a composition of various overlapping rights such as Copyright, Trademarks, Geographical Designs, Patents et al. Various schools of thought that are pro-intellectual property argue that by offering IPR, it enables people to have an incentive to invent; hence, making life much better. For purposes of this discussion, Copyrighting and […]