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We provide a series of strategic services touching on tax laws. A considerable percentage of our advisory touches on corporate taxes within and cross-border. The services are meant to allow businesses to take maximum advantage of the possible tax incentives available in the law while avoiding the chance of being labeled as a tax evasion entity. 

Confidential Client: we advised how to structure a company’s operations to minimize tax leaks and reduce high taxes through cross-border transactions. The structures were tuned to factor in African, South Asia, and Europe countries. The tax model focused on revenue and transfer pricing while factoring in the guidelines under the Organisation of Economic Cooperations and Development (OECD).

Confidential Client: we have advised on how a Client, a company, can manage its operations in a manner that will enable it to take advantage of the Special Economic Zones (SEZ). The goal was to balance the current operations falling outside the SEZ and those to be placed under the SEZ.

Confidential Client: we advise and represent a Client on a tax refund touching on the regulatory framework that guides Economic Processing Zones (EPZ).

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