A vibrant Legal Consultant at Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP. She is well-versed in digital marketing and has great leadership, marketing, administrative and oratory skills, and mastery of the law. You might have seen her taking part in her actress roles or cover songs or her own songs. Her area of practice is intertwined with her passion for acting and singing.

She has in-depth knowledge of Corporate Law, Media and Entertainment Law, Internet Law, Advertising Law, and Intellectual Property Law fused with Technology Law and related practices such as marketing.

Notable Transactions

Confidential Client: she was part of the team offering due diligence services against various companies that a Capital Venture firm would like to acquire or set up a corporate engagement with a business that is generating revenue of about USD 10 million to USD 35 million per year. The due diligence is conducted in two models to allow pre-issuance of the Letter of Intent and post-issuance of the Letter of Intent.

Influencers and music artists: she has advised a number of influencers under 411 Productions Limited and the likes of Keranta. Also, she advised Trio Mio concerning the RUBiS Brioche contract.

Confidential Client: she advising on a major eCommerce project that will be targeting a selected group of members of the Kenyan society as the vendors of certain branded products. The solution is intended to expand in other countries progressively based on the available regulatory framework.

Flaqo Raz: she actively takes part in advising and managing the contractual relationship between one of the most highly regarded influencers in Kenya. The services touch on corporate engagement on one-time gigs or continuous partnerships. Further, the legal guidance touches on advertisement law, intellectual property, and entertainment law, among others.

VDJ Jones Contract: she took part in advising concerning an exclusive music contract between VDJ Jones and a French company that was interested in offering publishing rights to one of his contents. The services ranged from copyright under the audio and visuals, reproduction rights, worldwide publishing rights, synchronization, and tax issues concerning the upfront costs and future costs.

Millaz Productions Kenya: she advises Millaz Productions Kenya on various transactional issues touching artists/model release contracts regarding copyright, and image rights. Also, she previously advised on the conditions of acceptance for the Millaz team to participate in the International Theatre Festival (2021) and on the partnership between Millaz and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).


  • Law Society of Kenya

Prior and Current Associations

  • Legal Consultant, Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP (2020 – present)
  • Legal Consultant, 411 Production Limited (Feb 2022 – present)
  • Legal Consultant/Brand Director, True Tribe Network Limited (Aug 2020 – present)