Tax Law

Ong’anya Ombo Advocates LLP has been previously advised on cross-border tax structures considering the limited number of Double Tax Agreements/Treaties that the Republic of Kenya has with other countries. We provide tax structuring and dispute resolution services to local and foreign persons. Our recent assignment was to advise a Belgian company on how it would best enter the Kenyan market and the best tax law structures to secure its interests without being considered an entity engaging in tax evasion.

We have previously assisted a South African businessman with a company in Kenya to best exercise his options under the Double Tax Law Agreement and categorize the pay-out under the royalties and licenses. Tax is essential presented in two models, which are direct and indirect taxes. The applicable rates may vary depending on the structures one uses to operate, and other rates remain constant across the industry. Our service enables a client to understand these taxes and the implications, which a client can base on to decide how it/he/she would like to move forward upon securing advice.

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