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We have exceptional experience in Strategic Litigation and Corporate & Commercial Law
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  1. Strategic Litigation;
  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution;
  3. Property and Banking Law;
  4. Corporate and Commercial Law; and
  5. Strategic Legal Consultancy.

Strategic Litigation

Business Law


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The Secret of the Law

Our Message:

Everyone holds a certain perception concerning the law; thus, irrespective of it being good or bad, objective or subjective, we all agree that the law is curved by our Social, Political, Religious, and Economic environment. It is for that reason that we have taken immense interest to understand the situation surrounding our Clients'. Therefore, while we have a grip on what the law provides, we need your story to blend the two effectively.

We adopt innovative measures to provide the best-tailored solutions. Our view is that the "best" can become a stagnant activity, hence, we challenge our yesterdays best practice by introducing new strategic measures to assist you.

Client Testimonials:

True hero. Very helpful, professional, serious, kind and friendly experts who helped and still helps us on all, generously. They're always in communication, have great skills, experience and knowledge on all and share their wisdom kindly. We would like to work with them for sure again and always

Muammer D. - Austria MECHA Werbeagentur KG

Amazing work ethic, great legal mind, and strategist! They created an in-depth and comprehensive ICANN response in less than 24 hours, complete with relevant caselaw.

Mitchell A. - Nevada, USA

Very good and patient. Their communication is excellent, research and analysis is first class. Would use Ong'anya Ombo Advocates again for more legal counsel.

Mannan H. - London, United Kingdom

Great Communication, Very competent in international law, and willing to work with you on price. They work well under time constraints as well

Mitchell A. - Nevada, USA

They're dedicated and have been an absolute asset. From working all day and night they made sure to earn their place as a valued resource who we will be using again!

Kevin K. - South Africa ZA Fibre LLC